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Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason is a producer with more than 30 years of industry experience in film and television production. He produced New Line’s kafkaesque thriller Dark City in 1998, directed by Alex Proyas. Between 1998 and 2003 he served as producer or executive producer for films including the Waschowski brothers’ The Matrix and its sequels, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions.

More recently, under the banner Hopscotch Pictures, he has produced Adoration (2013); I, Frankenstein, Saving Mr Banks and The Water Diviner starring Russell Crowe. He has also served in a number of official roles including Deputy Chair on the board of the Screen NSW, the board of the Sydney Film Festival, and the Council of Australian Film Television & Radio School.

Asmara Abigail

Asmara Abigail is an emerging actress in the Indonesian film industry. Her first feature film Setan Jawa (2016), was directed by the maestro of Indonesian cinema, Garin Nugroho. Asmara has since worked with directors including Indonesia’s multi-awarded, Joko Anwar and Yosep Anggi Noen.

Asmara starred in Noen’s The Science of Fictions (2019) which received the Special Jury Prize in the International Competition Locarno Film Festival 2019. She was nominated for the first time in Best Supporting Actress category in the 2020 Indonesian Film Festival, for her portrayal of Santi in Adriyanto Dewo’s Mudik (Homecoming, 2019).

Brigid Delaney

Brigid Delaney is a senior writer for Guardian Australia. She has previously worked as a lawyer and journalist at the Sydney Morning Herald, the Telegraph (London), ninemsn, CNN and Vogue magazine. She is the author of the books Wellmania, This Restless Life and Wild Things.

Cika Prihadi

Fransiska Prihadi is the program director of Minikino, Bali. She has served as guest programmer, selection committee and jury for various short film festivals such including, ReelOzInd!, SEA Shorts Malaysia, Thai Short Film & Video, Image Forum Festival, and was a member of the first-round pre-selection team for Busan International Short Film Festival, curator for Festival Film Indonesia, Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, Bogotá Short Film Festival. In 2021, she worked closely with Documentary Dream Center & Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival on behalf of Minikino for the Documentary Dojo 3.

Edwin Nazir

Edwin graduated as Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, and initially pursued a career in the area of television and multimedia, focusing on its highly developing technology. He worked for RCTI, the biggest private TV station in Indonesia for 6 years, before joining a global cable TV company, Astro. During his career in the TV industry, he has produced award-winning documentaries. In 2012, he set up Angka Fortuna Sinema, a production company focused on motion picture and TV commercials. His debut film, 9 Summers 10 Autumns (2013) won several awards in national festivals.

Other projects include Dreadout (2019), the first Indonesian film based on a video game, and The Science of Fictions (2019), which received Special Mention in the main competition of Locarno Film Festival 2019. He is the chairman of Association of Indonesian Film Producers (APROFI) 2019-2022, and was one of the commissioners of Indonesian Film Council (BPI) in the year 2014-2017. Besides his activities in the film industry, he is also one of the initiators and festival director of Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design (ICAD), one of the biggest creative exhibitions in Indonesia, which has been held annually since 2009.

Juliet Burnett

Juliet Burnett is one of Australia’s most recognised dancers, who also works as a choreographer, writer and activist. Juliet grew up in Sydney, Australia, with many visits to her Mum’s home country, Indonesia. Her parents enrolled her in the local ballet school at age 5 to see if there was latent dancing blood from her grandmother, who was the Sultan’s star dancer at his court in Yogyakarta. She made her mark at The Australian Ballet from 2003-2015, leaving to become a freelance dancer, performing in Australia and Indonesia and collaborating with a variety of dance and cross-disciplinary artists.

In 2010 Juliet was awarded the Khitercs Travelling Scholarship. She utilised the opportunity to further her understanding of her mother’s culture, spending time in Indonesia learning her grandmother’s art of Javanese classical dance with renowned master teacher Bu Rusini, and taking tuition with famed actor Adi Kurdi in the acting and theatre techniques pioneered by Juliet’s uncle, seminal poet, playwright, actor and activist W.S. Rendra. In 2015, Juliet fulfilled a lifelong dream to bring the magic of ballet to the underprivileged in Indonesia, realised through the Ballet Goes to Ciliwung workshop with the assistance of Ballet.Id Foundation and the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, and has since continued this work with Ballet Goes to Banten and Ballet for the Kampung.

Tim Barretto

Tim Barretto is an Australian filmmaker who has written, directed and produced works in Australia, Indonesia and India. Tim’s first feature documentary Aceh beyond the tsunami won Best Documentary at the 2018 Dhaka International Film Festival and participated in HotDocs DocShop & Visions du Reel Media Library.

In 2019 his short film Posko Palu was awarded Best Documentary and Best Collaboration at ReelOzInd Australia-Indonesia Short Film Festival and screened at numerous festivals around the globe. Tim is the founder of independent production house Hope St Productions and photography studio Lab West Film. After a few years living and working in Indonesia, Tim is currently based in Perth, Western Australia.

Yulia Evina Bhara

Yulia Evina Bhara is a film producer and founder of KawanKawan Media, a Jakarta-based Film production house that focuses on international co-production. From 2014 to 2020 she produced several films including: On the Origin Of Fear (director: Bayu Prihantoro Filemon, Venice Film Festival, Orizonnti 2016), Istirahatlah Kata-Kata (director: Yosep Anggi Noen, Locarno Film Festival 2016), Ballad of Blood and two White Buckets (director: Yosep Anggi Noen, Toronto Film Festival 2018), A Plastic Cup of Tea Before Her (director: Makbul Mubarak, Singapore Film Festival 2019), The Science of Fictions (director: Yosep Anggi Noen, main competition and special mention award Locarno Film Festival 2019), Documentary You And I (director Fanny Chotimah, DMZ Docs Asian Perspective Award 2020, Piala Citra for Best Long Documentary Indonesia Film Festival-FFI 2020).

Currently she is producing several films that are in the process of development to post production including: Autobiography (director: Makbul Mubarak, Locarno main prize 2019, Berlinale Co-production Market 2019, TorinoFilmLab 2017, SEAFIC 2019). Apart from producing Indonesian films, she is also co-producer of several film projects in Southeast Asia, including: Tiger Stripes (director: Amanda Nell Eu- Malaysia, L’Atelier Cannes 2020) and Whether The Weather Is Fine (director: Carlo Francisco Manatad- Philippines, L’Atelier Cannes 2018).

Festival trailers

Shortlisted films

Best Fiction

  • Don’t Forget Us (La Tansouna) | Sarah Ghassali (director/writer | Gaia Mitting (writer) | Natasha Koutoufides (producer) | Australia | PG | 6:51
  • BAMA | Jahvis Loveday (director/writer/producer) | Australia | 2020 | All Ages | 5:25
  • Kite (Layang) | Bertrand Valentino (director/writer) | Rangga Fadhil M.S (producer) | Indonesia | 2020 | All Ages | 6:58
  • Fading Twilight (Bang Kulon Sigra Amuksa) | Muhammad Rosyid (director/producer | Muhammad Rosyid & Ibnu Wicaksono (writers) | 2019 | All Ages | 7:53
  • Voice Messages | Christopher Quyen (director/writer/producer) | Australia/Indonesia | 2021 | All Ages | 10:00
  • Larasri | Joe Incu Putu (director/producer) | Sangaji Yudi (writer) | Indonesia | 2020 | PG | 9:29
  • Sebelum 7 Hati (Before 7 Days) | Ivan Padak Demon (director) | Sintia Lolita, Ria Eka Yuanti (producers) | Indonesia | 2020 | PG | 9:42

Best Documentary

  • Bagasi (Baggage) | Meyrick Kaminski (director/producer) | Australia | 2019 | All Ages | 10:22
  • JDM City | Anne Tran (director/writer) | Justin Lee (producer) | Australia | 2021 | All Ages | 10:00
  • The Obscured | Felivia Devanie (director) | Indonesia | 2020 | All Ages | 5:02
  • Pacing the Pool | Radheya Jegatheva (director) | Jay Jay Jegathesan (producer) | Australia | 2021 | All Ages | 8:29
  • 4 Feet 2 Wheels (4 Kaki 2 Roda) | Justin Dylan (director) | Gabriella Oktavia Erwin (producer) | Indonesia | All Ages | 8:41
  • Big Dreams Under Small Screens (Mimpi Besar Di Balik Layar Kecil) | Rininta Ayurianti (director/writer) | Rafianshah Narendra (producer) | Indonesia | 2021 | All Ages | 9:50

Best Animation

  • The Last Trepangers | Muliana Ma’ruf (director/writer) | Australia | 2021 | All Ages | 8:02
  • Splish Splash (Cipak Cipuk) | Andra Fembriarto (director/writer/producer) | Indonesia | All Ages | 9:12
  • Konta-sai | Kartika Pratiwi (director) | Galuh Wandita, Indria Fernida, Jose Luis De Oliveira (producers) | Indonesia | 2021 | PG | 6:25
  • Pop N Possum | Christian Staats, Aminah A Malek (directors) | Australia | 2020 | All Ages | 7:20
  • What Did You Say Then? | Finnic D (director/producer) | Australia | 2020 | All Ages | 5:20
  • Days Like These | Mawrgan Shaw (director/ producer) | Australia | 2020 | All Ages | 2:18

Best by Youth Filmmaker (aged 13-18 years)

  • A New Friendship | Nea Rivamonte (director/writer/producer) | Australia | 2021 | All Ages | 0:58
  • Forget to Give Up (Lupa Putus Asa) | Nahata ‘Def’ Fathan (director/writer/producer) | Indonesia | 2020 | All Ages | 3:41
  • The Amazon Artists | Eunsoo (Sunny) Kwon (director/writer) | Australia | 2021 | All Ages | 2:59|
  • Mizpah | Verena Ancella Lesmana (director/writer/producer) | Indonesia | 2021 | All Ages | 6:30
  • Year 11 Ensemble | Kevin Gao (director/writer/producer) | Australia | 2020 | All Ages | 4:02
  • In Between | Fabio Caprarelli (director) | Australia | 2021 | PG | 5:57

ReelOzInd! 2021 award-winning films

Best Film & Best Animation

Kartika Pratiwi (director) | Galuh Wandita, Indria Fernida, Jose Luis De Oliveira (producers) | Indonesia | 2021 | PG | 6:25

Best Fiction

Sebelum 7 Hati (Before 7 Days)
Ivan Padak Demon (director) | Sintia Lolita, Ria Eka Yuanti (producers) | Indonesia | 2020 | PG | 9:42

Best Documentary

Pacing the Pool
Radheya Jegatheva (director) | Jay Jay Jegathesan (producer) | Australia | 2021 | All Ages | 8:29

Co-winner, Jim Schiller Best Young Filmmaker

Forget to Give Up (Lupa Putus Asa)
Nahata ‘Def’ Fathan (director/writer/producer) | Indonesia | 2020 | All Ages | 3:41

Co-winner, Jim Schiller Best Young Filmmaker

In Between
Fabio Caprarelli (director) | Australia | 2021 | PG | 5:57

Peoples’ Choice

Don’t Forget Us (La Tansouna)
Sarah Ghassali (director/writer | Gaia Mitting (writer) | Natasha Koutoufides (producer) | Australia | PG | 6:51