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Our team

Jemma Purdey

Festival Director, AIC ReelOzInd! Fellow

Jemma has published widely on Indonesian politics and contemporary history and about Australia’s relationship with Indonesia.

She is the founder of ReelOzInd!, chair of the board that publishes the magazine Inside Indonesia and co-host of the podcast Talking Indonesia.

Learn more about Dr Purdey here.

Gaston Soehadi

Australia-Indonesia Centre ReelOzInd! Fellow (Indonesia)

Gaston teaches literary studies at a private university in Surabaya. He graduated from the Graduate School of Media, Film and Journalism Faculty of Arts Monash University in Melbourne.

Gaston was born and grew up in Jember, a small town in East Java where he spent some of his childhood watching Indonesian comedy films. He moved to Surabaya to continue his study and, since then, has worked and lived there.