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Though we are close neighbours, Australians and Indonesians know little about each other. But we also know that Australians and Indonesians want to get to know each other better and that we share a great sense of humour and passion for creativity.

This competition gives you the opportunity to share your stories away from the stereotypes, headlines and political drama!

ReelOzInd! Australia Indonesia Short Film Competition and Festival seeks to raise awareness and improve understanding between the peoples of both countries.

It offers a platform for Australians and Indonesians to tell stories by way of this most compelling and creative medium, short film.

Short film is increasingly popular and accessible for both the creation of stories and for viewing them. Internet and mobile technology means literally anyone with a mobile phone or tablet can be a filmmaker and view film anytime and anywhere.

ReelOzInd! aims to engage people from a wide range of backgrounds – from students to more established filmmakers – in a competition that showcases their talents before audiences in Australia and Indonesia and also to a worldwide online audience. We are looking for films that will entertain, surprise and emotionally engage audiences.

ReelOzInd! is the first short film competition to bring Australian and Indonesian filmmakers together to share their work and stories in the same forum.

Shortlisted films will be showcased to an online audience and the winning films screened in events in Indonesia and Australia. Our judges include prominent Australians and Indonesians from the arts, film, media and academia.

Coordinated by the Australia Indonesia Centre, ReelOzInd! taps into a web of networks in Indonesia and Australia in education, film, government and business to reach a wide audience in both countries and beyond.