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ReelOzInd! 2017


Mira Lesmana

Mira Lesmana is an Indonesian film producer. Mira became interested in film while living in Australia with her family. After returning to Indonesia and graduating from the Jakarta Arts Institute, she made her first film work. She has produced several critically and commercially successful films. Many of her works have been in collaboration with director Riri Riza, who also co-manages her productions company Miles Films. Their latest film Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? 2 was released in April 2016. Mira was a founding member of the Indonesian Film Society (Masyarakat Film Indonesia).

Riri Riza

Riri Riza is an Indonesian film director, film producer and screenwriter. Riri graduated in 1993 from the Jakarta Arts Institute, where he majored in film directing. Riza directed his first feature film, Kuldesak, in 1998. Together with Mira Lesmana, Riza has also become a film producer. Their Ada Apa dengan Cinta? (What’s Up With Love?), directed by Rudy Soedjarwo, had two million viewers in 2002, Indonesian cinema’s biggest box-office draw. The sequel was released in April 2016 and is also a box office smash. His other films include Gie, Untuk Rena (For Rena), and 3 Hari Untuk Selamanya (Three Days to Forever), Sokola Rimba and Atambua 39° Celsius

Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason is a producer with more than 30 years of industry experience in film and television production. He produced New Line’s kafkaesque thriller Dark City in 1998, directed by Alex Proyas. Between 1998 and 2003 he served as producer or executive producer for films including the Waschowski brothers’ The Matrix and its sequels, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions. More recently, under the banner Hopscotch Pictures, he has produced Adoration; I, Frankenstein, Saving Mr Banks and The Water Diviner starring Russell Crowe. He has also served in a number of official roles including Deputy Chair on the board of the Screen NSW, the board of the Sydney Film Festival, and the Council of Australian Film Television & Radio School.

Novi Kurnia

Novi Kurnia is a lecturer and researcher at the Department of Communication
Science, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Universitas Gadjah Mada,
Yogyakarta, Indonesia. She is also a researcher at Pemantau Regulasi dan
Regulator Media (PR2Media, Media Regulation and Regulator Research
Centre), Yogyakarta. Kurnia is the founder and chair-person of IF!fest
(Indonesian Film Festival) held in Adelaide in 2006, 2008 & 2009. She has organised and served as a jury member for several film festivals in her hometown, Yogyakarta.

Krishna Sen

Professor Krishna Sen is former Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the
University of Western Australia, and is an internationally recognised scholar
of contemporary Indonesian and media studies. Krishna is a Fellow of the
Australian Academy of Humanities (FAHA) and founding member of the Australian Research Council’s Asia Pacific Futures and Cultural Research Network.

Yosep Anggi Noen

Yosep Anggi Noen was born in Yogyakarta. He is a director, screenwriter and producer. Anggi studied Communications at the Socio- Politics Faculty of Yogyakarta’s Gadjah Mada University. His second feature and latest film is the highly acclaimed, Istirahatlah Kata-Kata about the poet and activist Wiji Thukul. The film has screened in festivals around the world winning the Best Film award in the ASEAN Film Festival in May 2017.

Cika Prihadi

Fransiska ‘Cika’ Prihadi is the program director of MINIKINO (year-round
screenings and workshops, with the international short film festival – 3rd
Minikino Film Week in Bali, 7-14 October 2017). She’s also an architect,
an entrepreneur in out-of-school learning and film appreciation. In May
2017, she represented MINIKINO as part of the selection committee for
Seashorts 2017 Competition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Youth Jury Members

Abigail Wong

Abigail is a year 9 student at Footscray City College. She has a great love of film and media and enjoys watching comedy movies and enjoys a good cinematography. Abigail believes that film is a great medium to communicate through cultures because regardless of language, great storytelling can convey messages to different people of all backgrounds.

Ingrid Burkhardt-Wang

Ingrid is a Year 9 student at to Footscray City College. She loves film and media because she finds it is a great way to express opinions and views in a captivating and entertaining way.

Geildyan Athallah Dwiputra

Geildyan is a 15 years old student at SMA Labschool Cibubur in East Jakarta. He loves film and music and performed at the Gangneung Junior Art Festival in Korea in 2016 as a representative from Indonesia.

Festival Dates

27 September 2017: 18:30, Australian Premiere, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne

27 September 2017: 18:30, Indonesian Premiere, Institut Français Indonesia / Lembaga Indonesia Prancis, Yogyakarta

27 September 2017 to 4 October 2017: Mediatheque, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne

1 October 2017: 10:00, IndoFest, Victoria Square, Adelaide

2 October 2017: 12:00, 7th Floor, Building A, FISIP, Universitas Brawijaya, Malang

4 October 2017: 13:00, School of Design Multifunction, 1st Floor, B Building, Universitas Pelita Harapan, Tangerang

5 October 2017: 18:30, National Film and Sound Archive, Canberra

11 October 2017: 13:30, Atma Jaya University, Jakarta

12 October 2017: 17:30pm, 3rd Minikino Film Week, Gedung Merdeka lantai 1 (BPPD Denpasar) – Jl.Surapati IV no.6, Denpasar

13 October 2017: 17:30pm, 3rd Minikino Film Week, Campuhan College, Jl.Campuhan-Sanggingan, Ubud

14 October 2017: 18:00, Newfarm Cinemas, Brisbane

17 October 2017: 11:00, Aula PSBJ Fakultas Ilmu Budaya, Universitas Padjadjaran, Jatinangor

19 October 2017: 17:30, ISLA Unimelb, Room 121, Alan Gilbert Building, The University of Melbourne (event link)

21 October 2017: 19:30, Pondok Pesantren Darussalam, Ciamis

22 October 2017: 18:30, Kinotika, Rumata Artspace, Makassar

23 October 2017: 18:30, Deckchair Cinema, Darwin

1 November 2017: Popsicle Cinema Club, Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, Tangerang

3 November 2017: TBC, Petra Little Theatre, Universitas Kristen Petra, Surabaya

7 November 2017: 18:30, Dendy Newtown, Sydney

18 November 2017: SMK Negeri 3, Jember

18 November 2017: El Champion Cafe, Samarinda, East Kalimantan

24 November 2017: 18:30, Cominos House, Cairns

Festival Trailer

Award Winners

Best Film/ Best Documentary/ Best Collaboration
Arohuai/Missing Home
Dery Prananda (director/writer) and Kartika Pratiwi (producer/writer), Indonesia/Australia, 2017

Best Film/ Best Animation
Fierrany Halita (producer/director/screenwriter), Indonesia, 2016

Best Fiction
Rose Clynes (director/screenwriter) and Jonathan Soerjoko (director/producer), Indonesia/Australia, 2017

Best Youth
Water For Grandpa Jan
Michael Abimanyu Kaeng (producer/director/ screenwriter), Indonesia, 2017

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