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ReelOzInd! 2023

In 2023 ReelOzInd! celebrates our 8th festival! Our theme this year is QUEST/PENCARIAN.

Our world is entering a period of intensive exploration and creativity as we seek out new possibilities and opportunities and cross unexplored frontiers, looking for ways to protect and improve our planet. After the pandemic years, we are also yearning for adventures, physically travelling once again beyond our neighbourhoods, meeting new people and challenging ourselves to go a step further. Such a quest can lead to new outlooks, relationships, and discoveries. We can’t wait to see what you find and the journey you take along the way!

The Pop-Up Travelling Festival Premieres in Melbourne and Yogyakarta on 19 October 2023. For more information about the premieres and other pop-up screenings, and for contact information visit our festival schedule.

Watch the 2023 Festival Reel online here!