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There are lots of film festivals. Why should I submit a film to this one?

Submitting your short film for this competition is FREE and includes prizes for both Open and Young Filmmaker (13-18 years) categories.

This festival is unique. There is no other that brings Australian and Indonesian filmmakers together to share their work and stories in the same forum.

The shortlisted films will be showcased on the ReelOzInd! website and the winning films screened events held in Indonesia and Australia. Judges will include prominent Australians and Indonesians from the arts/film/media.

What can I get out of participating?

Awards and prizes to the value of $15,000 in cash and gifts.

For the Short Film competition awards will be given for Best Film, Best Collaboration between Indonesians and Australians, Best Documentary, Best Animation, Best Fiction, Best Film in Youth category. Shortlisted films will be showcased on the ReelOzInd! website and the winners screens at events in Indonesia and Australia.

Who is the audience for the films?

Australians, Indonesians and the worldwide online audience. We aim to especially engage school aged children in creating and viewing the films, so please keep in mind that films should be appropriate for those aged under 15 years (ie. G, PG or M classifications only). For more information on Australian classifications see http://www.classification.gov.au/Guidelines/Pages/Guidelines.aspx

I’m Australian but I don’t know anything about Indonesia. Does it matter?/ I’m Indonesian but I don’t know anything about Australia. Does it matter?

No. We want you to tell your own stories. The aim is to share stories and get to know more about each other.

Does my film have to have to a particular theme?

Yes. Your film must relate in some way to the theme but be creative about how you interpret it! You might like to approach the theme from a local, individual, community level, nationally, or globally! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

The theme for 2024 is diversity/keberagaman.

Can my film use both Indonesian and English spoken language?

Yes! That would be fantastic. Just remember that you’ll need to provide subtitles.

What genres can my film be in?

Awarded categories for films are documentary, fiction, animation. Please be as creative as you like!

How many films can I submit?

As many as you like.

Can I submit my film if it has previously been entered in other competitions?

Yes, as long as it was made in the previous 24 months.

How long can my film be?

Films should be maximum 10 minutes.

What format should my film be submitted in?

Our submission platform FilmFreeway accepts all major video formats in full quality HD up to 10 GB. We transcode videos for playback compatibility and performance and recommend that you use settings close to our output settings:

  • Maximum video bitrate: 2200 Kbps, H.264, mp4
  • Audio: 128 Kbps, AAC, 2 channel stereo
  • Aspect ratio preserved; maximum video height of 1080 pixels

How do I submit my film?

Click here to submit your Short Film via FilmFreeway.

When will I know if my film has been shortlisted?

The shortlist will be announced in late-September.

What happens if my film is shortlisted?

If your Short Film is shortlisted for one of the Awards categories it will be showcased on the ReelOzInd! website and eligible for the People’s Choice Award. And of course, from the shortlisted films our judges will select winners from each award category.

What is the Best Collaboration Award?

We’d love to see films by Indonesians and Australians working together. We hope to receive enough entries that qualify. The aim is to will encourage more of these collaborations and acknowledge the creative excellence that can come from them!