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Award winning journalist Najwa Shihab joins the jury for ReelOzInd! 2019

The ReelOzInd! Short Film Competition and Festival is excited to announce that Najwa Shihab will be a member of the jury this year.

One of Indonesia’s most respected and popular journalists, with 2.5 million followers on YouTube and 3.5 million on Twitter, Najwa produces and anchors the weekly current affairs show Mata Najwa, where she regularly interviews the country’s political, social and cultural leaders.

She also founded Narasi TV and Nara-Z for young people, all geared toward informing and empowering young people, because, Narasi.TV explains, ‘Indonesia is not the borders you see on a map, but a movement of and the actions of young people’.

For Najwa, who is passionate about education and literacy, producing videos and other material has a higher purpose. ‘In the digital era,’ she told Prestige Online last year, ‘the challenge is how we can use technology to have a positive impact.’

In the case of ReelOzInd! this target impact is a deeper understanding between the people of Australia and Indonesia, and Najwa herself has a long history with Australia.

After graduating from Universitas Indonesia Law School, in 2009 Najwa received an Australian Leadership Award and completed her masters in Law at Melbourne University.

Submissions to ReelOzInd! 2019 are now open. Visit www.reelozind.com to learn more and submit your film.

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